Never say “It’s Only…”

imageRecently I had one of the participants in one of my classes come up to me after class explaining she felt defeated. “Oh! Candace!! I’ve been watching my food intake, working out consistently, drinking my water, reduced my refine carbs/sugars, and even drastically reduced my weekend beer intake! I’ve been on my lifestyle change journey for almost 2months! I can’t believe I’ve only lost 12lbs! I just can’t believe it! I feel like I should have atleast list 20lbs! ***frustration in her eyes***

I absolutely did not reply that day. I couldn’t. It is frustrating to me personally when people cut their progress and hard work down. 12 lbs is A LOT of weight to lose. Shoot! A half of a pound is a lot of weight to lose. Even not losing weight and creating a great habit or gaining muscle is a HUGE success! I promptly went home, found my ankle weights I like to strap on to get a extra boost when I walk, made them 6 lbs per ankle and threw them in my fitness bag.

The next class I had this same participant put on these ankle weights for the entire next class without much of an explanation. I watched her struggle through some of the exercises she did last class with ease. At the end of the class she asked why I did this and I explained to her that this represented the weight she had lost and the importance of not minimizing her achievements. We are all on a journey of enriching and changing our lives for the greater good. Appreciate the journey. Some days you will do amazing. Other days you will not do as well as you could have. Realize this is a lifestyle without a “finish line.” Celebrate what you do well. Just the effort of trying to be a healthier you is better than the prior days of you without the knowledge or persistence of this you.

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