My African American hair and working out

imageSo! Here we are discussing a very touchy topic! You know…The whole topic with African American women not working out due to their hair being damaged or ruined. It is a serious concern. I have several friends who refuse to do any activity which involves getting their hair wet. No swimming, no saunas, no sweating. Period.

I have never let my hair become a reason to neglect physical activity. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t swim. I hardly sit in saunas, and I take extra precautions while working out to keep my hair as nice as possible. Two years ago I decided to go natural and to wear my hair in protective styles. Currently I wear braids. Not the braids that take 12 hours to put in and are braided from the top to bottom. While searching searching different braids on the internet about a year ago, I decided to go with Kinky Twist. They go in quickly and can be removed even quicker! I look nice every day and have now come to the point where I do my hair myself.

While working out and showering I always wrap my hair with some type of scarf and co-wash my hair as needed.

My hope is that everyone finds a solution that works for them. Physical activity is so important in the grand scheme of life!

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