My 12 week challenge struggles

20160109_083039The New Year has come along with a few resolutions on my end. The most difficult of these resolutions would be to log my food & beverage intake everyday…and not just a guess of how much I am eating & drinking. I actually have been weighing & measuring EVERYTHING that enters my body. Not only is it irritating for me; it is extremely time consuming. I get up 30 mins earlier so I can have time to enter my food. Yep. 30 mins. Sometimes I like an tablespoon of 2% milk in my hot tea. Sometimes I like 2 teaspoons of diced onion in my eggs. My diverse diet causes me grief in this entering process. Lots and lots of grief.

My main issues have come from my dinners. I enjoy a combination of multiple veggies mixed with a lot of seasonings and 93% fat free ground turkey. It becomes complicated when I make a meal with black olives, red bell peppers, yellow onion, fresh garlic cloves…etc. I must weigh, measure, divide and enter every last ingredient. I never skip entering ingredients because I track my fat, sodium, sugar, and protein intake. For example, even though olives are low in calories, they are high in sodium. I. Log. Everything.

I have seen changes all ready. I am more organized with my days and more aware of what I am consuming; often shocked of how many calories or grams of fat/sugar/sodium/carbohydrates are in my foods. I’ve gone over my daily allowance every single day in one catagory or another and I’m working to correct those overages. I don’t want a sodium/fat/carb or sugar heavy diet.

I recently read an article stating there was a study done proving it takes most humans no less than 66 days to create a habit (not 21) and another article stating you can radically change your body and life in 12 weeks therefore I started a 12 week challenge in my classes and am partaking in the challenge myself. Cheers to another 11 weeks of being dedicated to logging my food- and hopefully a lifetime skill set I will adopt!

One thought on “My 12 week challenge struggles

  1. Great inspiration! As a lady over 55, the stated challenges are truly recognizable….along with some others.

    It is great to know that dedication and commitment to the food, exercise, water intake, mental attitude, etc., are the requirements for all ages – right!

    I am interested in following each week – what happens next week? Hang in there!

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