Mixing patterns

20150622_083700I love mixing patterns and colors when selecting my workout outfits for the day. Patterns allow you to accentuate your positive attributes so that the places you view to be “problem areas” aren’t the center of attention. My key to coordinating patterns is to only go super bold in one area with that pattern. If I have on black and white Zebra pants I may have a black and white polka dotted sports bra and a SOLID white or black or even colored tank on top. if I have on a extremely bright floral pant, I may wear a almost solid colored shirt with light stripes of color that isn’t attention grabbing and a bright colored solid sports bra to pull it all together. Play with your patterns and colors until you feel comfortable!

One thought on “Mixing patterns

  1. Love your messages. There are many times when one just wants to “Forget it!” You provide such great inspiration !!! Keep up the good work….and post a video to talk to us! You are sooooo funny!

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