Is your salad making you gain weight?

20150708_195419Aaaahhhh. The trusted salad. Whenever you go out to eat you decide you’re going to be “good” and get the grilled chicken or blackened salmon salad. Darn, you may even go for the trusted ToFu and skip the meat! But did you get…cheese? How about that salad dressing? You think you were good and went for the raspberry vinnegerette….only you probably just put enough sugar on your salad than a candy bar! And that ranch…more fat and calories than a cup of hearty vegetable soup! How about those dried cranberries and walnuts…? The cold hard truth is please know and research your salad selections before you make it your “go to.”  Some salads at some restaurants have more fat/calories/sugar in them than a bacon burger on a wheat bun and a side of onion rings! I used to hate the advancements of technology but now, I have grown to appreciate the information you can find by simply asking Siri or Google. Inform yourself of your selections. You will thank me later ♥️

P.S.- just for the record the salad pictured above has more fat & calories than THREE cheese burgers!!

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