Cucumber saved my life

Perhaps I am being a tad on the dramatic side when informing others that  a cucumber did in fact save my life. But at20150609_200059 the moment, it sure did feel like it. I had a very hectic day of working out, teaching classes, and grocery shopping and somehow I forgot to eat or pack a healthy snack. I was rushing at the grocery store with my impending hunger and lacked purchasing a healthy snack there as well. I knew if I could just make it home I had plenty of snacks to eat that would not derail my day of activity.  Walking in the door I realized I didn’t really want the grapefruit nor did I have the energy to peel it and everything else would be too timely to do. By the time I made my healthy snack, I could have made my Salmon dinner with squash which would only take me 15-20 mins to make. I looked in the fridge and cupboards for something quick to eat. Suddenly kids very unhealthy snacks were looking amazing to me when  I realized…I have a cucumber! I put my salmon on the cooktop grill, washed my hands, and sliced and ate a very yummy cucumber. Note to self-always have a quick healthy snack prepared or available. Peeled veggies, grilled chicken chunks, a few almonds…something. Not having quick access can truly null and void your hour workout session. Who wants to work so hard for an hour a day and not have the desired shape to show for it!? Not me!!

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