Another year, another resolution?

20151226_182654~2So the New 2016 Year is upon us. This year came much faster than previous years! Matter of fact, it came so quickly that I didn’t begin thinking about my goals of 2015 until this morning (January 3rd, 2016). I rolled out of bead extremely early and dug thru my drawer of what nots until I found the piece of paper that I scribbled my 2015 resolutions on. Hmmmmm…. 1) Create healthy lifestyle goals for my fitness classes every new session 2) Exercise 4-5 days a week for at least 45 mins a session 3) Save enough cash to put 20% down on a home 4) move into my well described dream home. 5) Start a blog

To my surprise, every thing I wrote down and visualized came to past! Matter of fact,I was so into accomplishing my goals of 2015 the year flew by! Extra shifts teaching yoga, cutting back monthly expenses, taking a few extra chunks of my husband’s bonuses…getting up super early to squeeze in that workout…all these moments on my life led to a better me.

Every year I hear the chatter of hundreds of individuals confirming or denying the importance of declaring resolutions and at the end of the day- the choice is up to the individual. My choice is to continue my journey of being a better me and stating these goals clearly now! What does it hurt? I’m taking my 30 mins to visualize where I want to be, who I want to be and why I want to be the person I describe. More knowledgable, giving, sincere, financially responsible, a great mother, wife, daughter and most definitely my attempts to be the healthiest version of me! Cheers to the New Year!!

My African American hair and working out

imageSo! Here we are discussing a very touchy topic! You know…The whole topic with African American women not working out due to their hair being damaged or ruined. It is a serious concern. I have several friends who refuse to do any activity which involves getting their hair wet. No swimming, no saunas, no sweating. Period.

I have never let my hair become a reason to neglect physical activity. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t swim. I hardly sit in saunas, and I take extra precautions while working out to keep my hair as nice as possible. Two years ago I decided to go natural and to wear my hair in protective styles. Currently I wear braids. Not the braids that take 12 hours to put in and are braided from the top to bottom. While searching searching different braids on the internet about a year ago, I decided to go with Kinky Twist. They go in quickly and can be removed even quicker! I look nice every day and have now come to the point where I do my hair myself.

While working out and showering I always wrap my hair with some type of scarf and co-wash my hair as needed.

My hope is that everyone finds a solution that works for them. Physical activity is so important in the grand scheme of life!

Mixing patterns

20150622_083700I love mixing patterns and colors when selecting my workout outfits for the day. Patterns allow you to accentuate your positive attributes so that the places you view to be “problem areas” aren’t the center of attention. My key to coordinating patterns is to only go super bold in one area with that pattern. If I have on black and white Zebra pants I may have a black and white polka dotted sports bra and a SOLID white or black or even colored tank on top. if I have on a extremely bright floral pant, I may wear a almost solid colored shirt with light stripes of color that isn’t attention grabbing and a bright colored solid sports bra to pull it all together. Play with your patterns and colors until you feel comfortable!

Easiest work out make-up…EVER!

Yesterday after teaching a very intense Sculpting Yoga strength class three of my students came to me and imagesaid “you’re make-up always looks  SO GREAT! How do  you get it to stay? It must take forever to do it in the mornings. I just don’t have the time.” It was a moment of amazement for me because I literally put on my make up in less than a minute. I started laughing because I couldn’t believe it. Once I realized that they were serious I told them my regiment I put on one dark waterproof eyeliner above my eye lid and a lighter waterproof eyeliner above the black eyeliner (gold…silver…teal…). That’s it! My make up never runs when I work out. It last all day until I clean my face at night or after working out with make up remover. I tend to wear lip glosses instead of lip stick. Sometimes I run some eyebrow powder over my eyebrows because my eyebrows are so thin.

The  picture above is the result of my make up after working out for about an hour and teaching multiple classes.