Alcohol and sugar?

image I have a challenge in place at the gym where I teach. I asked all of my participants to record how much sugar they were consuming on a weekly basis (taking a seven day period and dividing the total grams of sugar by 7) and then attempt to cut the amount of sugar in half by the end of the month. I never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself so I began dissecting my eating patterns and behaviors. The 1st thing I noticed is my steady flow of my adult relaxation night cap beverages.

I was jumping for joy when I realized that vodka doesn’t have any sugar in it. I drink vodka with water and lime so for me the issue isn’t the additional sugar in juice or sodas. Unfortunately I can’t deny the fact that Vodka is my “gateway drink!” When I drink one drink, it leads to 2 drinks,then 5 drinks then eventually I make bad choices in the snacking department. Ultimately I end up always choosing something sugary completely de-railing my progress of decreasing sugar not to mention the additional calories!!!

I have been alcohol free for 15 days which is EXTREMELY difficult for me. On the good side- I have already had noticeable changes in my appearance. My round stomach is starting flatten back out. I am sleeping more soundly and my sugar (and calorie!) intake is extremely down.

So what is the targeted daily intake of sugar? According to the American Heart Association (AHA) the maximum amount of added sugars per day for men is 150 calories/37.5 grams/9 teaspoons and women: 100calories/25 grams/  6 teaspoons. Being aware of your intake is the first step to a healthier you -and me!!

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