2lbs…That’s ALL!?

I get so very irritated when someone approaches me and said they “only lost 1-2lbs last month.” Often I have clients or persons who take my fitness classes who give up when they work so hard for a few weeks and expect to lose 10lbs. When they see they lose 2lbs, suddenly I don’t see them for a few months because they quit out of frustration and go back to their old gross habits-only to return to me a few weeks later 10lbs heavier. REALLY!?

I believe in setting goals. I believe in discipline and consistency in reference to diet and exercise. With these belief systems in place step into my frame of mind for just a few minutes. If you keep doing what you are supposed to do everyday…every month…every year you will always be healthier. If a person is doing their best and following a clean diet, watching their calorie intake, and exercising atleast3 times a week in 30-45minute time frames, loses even 2lbs a MONTH instead of quitting, instead of weighing the same or gaining weight, you officially would be almost TEN LBS smaller in 4months! 24lbs smaller in a year! That is A LOT of weight. Be proud of your accomplishments. Never ever give up!

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