Did you say…wedding?

imageI can’t believe life has gotten away from me for so many weeks. I have a feeling many people end up in this same exact boat. Work, kids, family, groceries, errands, date nights, girl nights…everything culminates into a spiraling life that seems endlessly busy and out of control.

In the mist of living this free yet chaotic life, I received a phone call from a dear friend whom was very excited that she is getting married and asked me to be her bridesmaid! Of course I said yes and was extremely excited to participate…until I realized in the mist of my chaotic life I may have gained a few lbs. I had only been wearing spandex type clothes which allow you to grow without concern and I have not logged any intake in MONTHS. Ugh. Not good.

I promptly go to my closet to try on structured clothes. My jeans were the first thing I attempted to pull over my butt however they didn’t even go over my thighs. Not good. Next I went to my scale…OHHHHHHH… NOT. GOOD.

I don’t have time to be frustrated with myself or disappointed in my actions because this is a part of life. Sometimes you need to get a slap in the face or reality check of sorts to draw attention to a part of your life that may not be at 100%. My “slap” is this glorious wedding!

Embrace life’s reality checks and wake up calls- don’t ignore or avoid them. I am taking immediate action by concentrating on the foods and liquids entering my body, logging my food intake accurately & increasing my daily exercise from 45 mins to an hour! Cheers to new beginnings (again)!