Importance of Daily Mantras & Meditation for weight loss

We all have busy days. Most people I know open their eyes after their night’s sleep and immediately “plug in” to life by checking e-mail, calendars, Facebook, the news, Twitter, Instagram, and every voicemail, missed call and text. After gaining this wealth of information a plan is often strategized as to how we can accomplish the many task at hand whether it’s to use our lunch breaks to run errands or stay late at work to get ahead of that pressing work project. Some of us make plans for the entire week- especially if a love interest is involved planning to wear that skirt or nice shirt to a particular event to grab so & so’s attention because you know that is the skirt or shirt you look great in.

Planning is a great tool which I never want to minimize however your day can be sharper, more organized and filled with the confidence & happiness of a kid on their birthday by investing in yourself first by saying a daily mantra & meditating for 5 minutes. You have to clear your mind and set your intentions everyday to be the best person you can possibly be.

Mantras are like medicine for your soul. It is a word or series of words repeated several times for affirmation. By repeating this phrase or mantra we allow its meaning to seep into our subconscious which help shift our negative habits and patterns into positive ones.

Examples of mantras are “I am worthy of love”, “I am a beautiful smart person”, “Love” , “Hope” , “Happiness” , “Health” or even ” I am a person who makes great consistent choices.” My mantra I used daily when needing to incorporate more water and cleaner food choices into my life was (and sometime currently is) “Purity.” When I want to accomplish a new running distance I may say “I can achieve what my heart and mind believe” or simply “strength”, “speed” or “distance.”

Meditation is a mental exercise using breathing techniques, mantras, or simply silence to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness. Meditation is a stress reducer, can improve your health by strengthening your immune system, help improve your sleep, slow aging, create a base for emotional stability, and bring you to a happier place.

By creating a sound mind you can set your intentions for the day which ultimately can lead to reducing erratic eating or stress eating, gaining control of your life, creating a clear plan of the person you are and intend to be. Use mantras and meditation to put your heart, mind, and soul in the same place of calm and clarity. Start your day off everyday with self love and positivity.