Want to lose weight? Lose your frenemy!

20150905_064945We all have them in our lives

That person who comes around at the perfect time and wants to go shopping when you have already broadcast that you are on a spending fast ┬áto rebuild your savings account. You know who I’m talking about! That b.f.f. who wants to take shots of Tequila at 2 am knowing you have a huge project due at work at 8am the SAME morning! The aunt who makes you your favorite chicken n dumplings and brownies with extra fudge (from scratch!) When you’ve told EVERYONE you are on a quest to change your life, eat better, exercise & attempt to shed some weight! What the HECK!? I’m definitely not telling you to hate your best friend or your favorite aunt in the world but I am telling you to reevaluate the people in your life & catagorize them! Who are your friends? The people who will encourage you to not buy that extra sweater when your trying to save cash? Who is are your “enemies?” Who are the people who intentially want to squash your goals & dreams? And who are your frenemies? The people who truly love you but something that you are doing is sparking an insecurity within themselves and they attempt to Sabatoge your efforts- most likely unknowingly. The crazy part about a frenemy is that they could be supportive in one arena but not the other. Your favorite aunt who will make you Chicken & Dumplings and Homemade extra fudge brownies may help you save money. You are the only person in charge of your own success. Be around people who will help you succeed. Get rid of the enemies in your life. Limit times with frenemies who may derail you off of your path of success.20150905_064945