You burned how many calories doing that exercise??

More than 5 people a week tell me they go to spin class or some circuit class and burned a million calories, then explain they eat less calories than what they burned in the day so don’t understand why they have gained a pound or plateaued. My answer is simple. Take the amount of cLories that app or website or even wristband told you you have burned and multiplied it in half. In my experience is people either underestimate their food intake or over estimate the time and intensity of their workout.

I ate a Big Mac because I ate a cookie?

I was so confused earlier today. A friend of mine called me frustrated about her lack of losing weight. She explained her office had a pitch in today and she ate a couple of yummy monster cookies.  20150617_152446As she was talking to me she said “hold on…” I heard a muffled noise of a infamous fast food restaurant. I then heard this same friend who was complaining about her lack of weight loss order a burger, fries, and a regular soda. When she got back on the phone I said “why are you ordering crappy foods then complaining about your weight?!?” My lovely friend replied “well I already ate cookies today so this day is ruined! I will start eating clean tomorrow.”

It is totally doing your heart, body, and soul injustice having the all or nothing attitude. No one is perfect. No one. We all have moments when we make a poor choice. The beauty of living a healthy lifestyle is that one bad choice does not define who you are and who you will be for the rest of the day or years to come. If you make a bad choice evalways your choice and CHOOSE to make better choices from that moment on.