Great Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

“Candace! How can I get rid of this BELLY!?!!” I am asked this at least 10 times a week. My Suggestion!? Incorporate these tips into your daily lifestyle.(I am not a doctor but these work fantastic for me!)

1. Exercise REGULARY- daily moderate cardio can reduce belly fat up to 20%

2. Sleep- try to aim for 8 hours of good sleep everyday. When you don’t get proper sleep your body releases a hormone called Ghrelin. Ghrelin triggers cravings such as sugar and other fat builders.

3. Water- I already wrote a post on the importance of water. I personally aim to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day.  Water speeds up metabolism, flushes out toxins, helps you stay full, and many other benefits.

4. Do NOT skip meals- seriously, this drives me crazy when people tell me they “only eat once a day.”  The best way to speed up your metabolism is to eat 6small meals a day.

5. Diet- Cut out the crap. Eat a clean diet. If you are struggling with a clean diet ask a nutitionist or your doctor for assistance. Everyone has specific dietary needs.

6. Stress- Chronic Stress can increase cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that encourages your body to have increased abdominal fat. Higher prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream can also lead to impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, decreased bone density, lowered immunity, higher blood pressure…and much much more! Find ways to de-stress everyday. Love yourself♥️♥️♥️


2lbs…That’s ALL!?

I get so very irritated when someone approaches me and said they “only lost 1-2lbs last month.” Often I have clients or persons who take my fitness classes who give up when they work so hard for a few weeks and expect to lose 10lbs. When they see they lose 2lbs, suddenly I don’t see them for a few months because they quit out of frustration and go back to their old gross habits-only to return to me a few weeks later 10lbs heavier. REALLY!?

I believe in setting goals. I believe in discipline and consistency in reference to diet and exercise. With these belief systems in place step into my frame of mind for just a few minutes. If you keep doing what you are supposed to do everyday…every month…every year you will always be healthier. If a person is doing their best and following a clean diet, watching their calorie intake, and exercising atleast3 times a week in 30-45minute time frames, loses even 2lbs a MONTH instead of quitting, instead of weighing the same or gaining weight, you officially would be almost TEN LBS smaller in 4months! 24lbs smaller in a year! That is A LOT of weight. Be proud of your accomplishments. Never ever give up!

Cucumber saved my life

Perhaps I am being a tad on the dramatic side when informing others that  a cucumber did in fact save my life. But at20150609_200059 the moment, it sure did feel like it. I had a very hectic day of working out, teaching classes, and grocery shopping and somehow I forgot to eat or pack a healthy snack. I was rushing at the grocery store with my impending hunger and lacked purchasing a healthy snack there as well. I knew if I could just make it home I had plenty of snacks to eat that would not derail my day of activity.  Walking in the door I realized I didn’t really want the grapefruit nor did I have the energy to peel it and everything else would be too timely to do. By the time I made my healthy snack, I could have made my Salmon dinner with squash which would only take me 15-20 mins to make. I looked in the fridge and cupboards for something quick to eat. Suddenly kids very unhealthy snacks were looking amazing to me when  I realized…I have a cucumber! I put my salmon on the cooktop grill, washed my hands, and sliced and ate a very yummy cucumber. Note to self-always have a quick healthy snack prepared or available. Peeled veggies, grilled chicken chunks, a few almonds…something. Not having quick access can truly null and void your hour workout session. Who wants to work so hard for an hour a day and not have the desired shape to show for it!? Not me!!

Weigh less with one simple rule

I have never believed in a get rich quick scheme or a magic pill or potion for weight loss but I do swear by this regiment. Weigh yourself consistently. Never go a week without weighing yourself. Your skinny jeans will still fit with that 2.6lb weight gain therefore-I don’t believe in the “Jean rule” to gauge your success or maintenance.

I use to be a serial scale avoider. Getting on a scale would literally make me break into a cold sweat and get a dry mouth. Suddenly I would need to go to the doctor for a yearly exam &I would find out my weight had spiraled out of control. Now, I weigh myself. I control me. I realize that the only way to control my weight & health is to have the constant knowledge of where I stand. Knowledge truly is power.